Rzeszow airport

Rzeszow Airport (RZE)

Rzeszow Airport (RZE) is located next to the village of Jasionka in the Subcarpathian region. The history of this airport dates back to the 1940s, while in its current form Rzeszow Jasionka Airport has been operating since 2012, when a new passenger terminal was completed. Rzeszów Airport has a 3200m-long runway, which allows operations of the largest passenger and transport aircraft.

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Transfer from Rzeszow Airport

The bus ride from the Jasionka Airport terminal to the center of Rzeszów takes less than 40 minutes - there are two daily lines to choose from. Rzeszow Airport is located near the A4 highway and the S8 route, which also makes it conveniently accessible by your own car and also by cab. There are two parking lots next to the Rzeszow Airport terminal - detailed information about them can be found on the Jasionka Airport website. (opens in a new tab)

Amenities for travellers

Rzeszow Airport offers numerous amenities - the terminal features an observation deck, luggage storage and a chapel. Jasionka Airport also provides free assistance for people with disabilities. As well, there is comprehensive VIP service at Rzeszow Airport

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