About Us

The Laboratory has been developing successively for over 40 years, and particularly dynamically for the last 15 years, thanks to which it enjoys a variety of scientific equipment and instruments, operated by experienced and specialised personnel.

Since 2001 the Laboratory is in the possession of Accreditation Certificate No. AB 375, issued by the Polish Center for Accreditation, conforming that the Laboratory meets the requirements of the norm PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 and owing to technical competence is capable of performing tests. We also have a permit issued by the State Sanitary Inspection with regard to testing water intended for human consumption.

A wide range of services offered within the scope of the activity of the Laboratory is based on reliability, credibility and usefulness of test results. We perform different kinds of tests to meet every customer’s needs. Our testing laboratory is a part of the LOT Polish Airlines structure, but is also an autonomous entity that guarantees impartiality, confidentiality and the protection of the customer’s property rights.

About the Laboratory