Where to fly in December?

December is undoubtedly a special month. We associate it mainly with Santa Claus, Christmas and New Year's Eve. However, more and more often we plan to travel during this month. Especially for you, we have prepared some of our suggestions. Check out where to spend your holidays in December.


If you have no idea where to fly to in December, visit Warsaw and discover the beauty of the Polish capital! See the city's iconic Palace of Culture and Science. Stroll through the park in the Royal Baths Park. In December, the Old Town transforms into a Christmas wonderland! At the Castle Square you will be amazed by the great Christmas tree, and a visit to the Christmas Market will make you feel the magic of the approaching Christmas even more! Warsaw will also offer you numerous museums. The National Museum, the Polish Army Museum, the Museum of Technology, the Zachęta Gallery, the Neon Museum - everyone will find something interesting for themselves! See the heroine of legends - the Warsaw Mermaid and take a stroll along the boulevards. Warsaw is a city that is teeming with life! Do not procrastinate a moment longer and plan your December holidays right in Warsaw! 

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Thinking about where to fly to in December? Visit Europe's fashion capital - Milan! Begin your tour with the city's sacred architectural gem and also its icon - the Milano Duomo Cathedral. The Gothic cathedral, rising in the center of the grand piazza, is one of the largest churches in the world, and its construction took as long as 582 years! While it is the Milano Duomo that is the most recognizable cathedral, be sure to also go to Santa Maria delle Grazie, as this is the site of a masterpiece by one of the greatest painters, Leonardo Da Vinci's , "The Last Supper," which impresses with its depth and impression of reality! Stroll through the Victor Emanuel II Gallery. This magnificent shopping mall was opened in 1867 and is one of the oldest still in operation in the world! In addition to the numerous stores, you'll also taste delicious Italian cuisine here! Milan is a real treasure trove of artworks, and you can see their magnificent collection at Pinacoteca Di Brera. Plan your holidays in December in Milan and discover the beauty of Italy!

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Where to fly in December? We mainly associate Turkiye with summer holidays, but if you go to Istanbul for a holidays in December, you certainly won't be disappointed! See the stunning, one of the most magnificent mosques in the country - Haga Sofia! Admire the lavish interiors and get a feel for Byzantine culture! Stroll through the Grand Bazaar. It is a place that will provide you with a visual feast of colors! Take a cruise on the Bosphorus! This picturesque strait is the border between Europe and Asia! There is a belief that you will eat the best chestnuts in Place Pigalle. Try the ones from Taksim Square and you might change your mind! An absolute favorite among places to visit is the Basilica Cistern. This huge underground chamber acted as an artificial water tank for the nearby imperial palace during the siege of the city! Istanbul is a city that teems with life! Spend an unforgettable holidays in December right there!

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Where to go on holidays in December?


Wondering where to fly to in December? Visit one of Europe's largest metropolises - London. Its multiculturalism, interesting history and wealth of historical monuments make this city unique! Every city has its iconic landmark, and the London one is the Elizabeth Tower, a clock tower, also known as Big Ben. Admire the spectacular skyline of the city! Take a ride on the famous London Eye, or Ferris wheel located on the Thames River itself! Soar even higher above the city to the observation deck of The Shard, a skyscraper measuring over three hundred meters. Try a real British dish - Fish and Chips and stroll across Tower Bridge! Are you dreaming of a moment of relaxation? Head to Hyde Park and relax among nature! There will be no shortage of attractions for museum lovers here either,! Learn about the history of Great Britain in the British Museum, where the number of exhibits reaches up to...eight million! London is a real treasure trove of interesting places and monuments, so for a holidays in December go there and spend time filled with plenty of attractions and unforgettable experiences!

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Where to go on holidays in December? Discover the beauty of Croatia in Zadar! The Old Town is the heart of Zadar, so stroll through its charming narrow streets and see the Church of St. Donatus, which is one of the country's most distinctive buildings! Head to the Archaeological Museum, the second oldest museum in Croatia, which is dedicated to the city's rich history! You can take a gondola cruise not only in Venice, but also in Zadar! The area around Zadar is famous for its picturesque mountains, lakes, rocks and caves, and not far from the city is the Paklenica National Park. Plan your holidays in December in Zahar and discover the beauty of Croatia!

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Where to fly for holidays in December? Discover the magic of Tallinn! In the run-up to Christmas, Tallinn will transform into a fairy-tale Christmas land! Visit the Christmas Market, where you will taste excellent dishes, buy Christmas decorations and gifts, and the smell of baked goods floating around will make you soak up the atmosphere of Christmas even more! Visit the Museum of Estonia and stroll through the picturesque streets of the Old Town! Admire the view of the city and its surroundings from Toompea Hill! Dreaming of soaring even higher above the city? Visit the TV tower measuring 175 meters, from the top of which, on a sunny day, you'll even see Finland! Discover the beautiful interiors of St. Alexander's Cathedral, inside of which your eyes will be caught by numerous golden mosaics! Take a holidays in December to Tallinn and let yourself be enchanted by Estonia!

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