Making a reservation

Are you in the middle of the booking process or have just completed it? Need to make changes to your ticket, add additional services, or check additional information? Take a look at the information below to clear up your doubts!

Basic information regarding your ticket

Booking number, ticket number, flight details, number of luggage allowed, additional services purchased? Find out where on your electronic ticket all the necessary information for your trip is located.

The most common questions about the booking process

Here you will find tips on how to book your reservation correctly and make modifications to your ticket if necessary.

Booking for a child

Travelling with an infant or a child under 12 years of age? Read how to correctly set up a booking for a minor and benefit from the discount they are entitled to.

Even more answers to your questions:

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Practical information for travelers

Travel tips before journey

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Change options

Change options

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Single man at the airport.

Canceled flight

Canceled flight

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Passenger at the departures board.