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Kaleidoscope - November 2020

There is no need to argue that Poland is a paradise destination for tourists anymore. Increasingly more people from all over the world appreciate and enjoy the time spent by the Vistula River. In this issue of "Kaleidoscope" we take a closer look at the majestic Polish mountains - if explored in November, they may be an opportunity to relax and boost your spirits and body before winter. And there is plenty to choose from - peaks and cliffs of the Tatra Mountains, rock labyrinths of Stołowe Mountains, magical Bieszczady Mountains or Pieniny Mountains bursting with energy of creeks and rivers. Following Polish November inspirations, we also encourage you to explore the Lesser Poland Province more closely. Indeed, it is not only about Royal Krakow, but also the underground salt city in Wieliczka and the legendary walls of the Royal Castle in Niepołomice.

As for foreign inspirations, this time we invite you to stroll through the streets of Copenhagen and Hamburg. The latter will surprise many visitors with the number of bridges. They are much more numerous out there than in Amsterdam or Venice!

Kaleidoscope - November 2020

In these extraordinary times, taking care of our own and others' health, we should cover our nose and mouth with a protective face mask. Why it is so important not only onboard the aircraft and what kinds of masks protect us best, explains an expert - Paweł Grzesiowski, MD, PhD. Also, in November's LOT magazine our flight attendant Olga Buława explains how we can reconcile pursuing our dreams with work and, incidentally, become a crowned head.

With the white and red logotype of November's "Kaleidoscope" we highlight our pride in being a national carrier and encourage you to celebrate the National Independence Day on 11th November.


The monthly magazine is very well known to LOT passengers and to guests visiting the airline’s business lounges, where it is distributed free of charge. Every month, the "Kaleidoscope" offers advertisements of texts of recognized authors in some sections, such as: Inspirations, Journey of a Lifetime, Why?, Culture, Business, My Poland and information on LOT's contacts in parts of LOT Info. Enjoy your reading!

“Kaleidoscope” has been the on-board magazine of LOT Polish Airlines for over 40 years now (since 1979). It has been published, for over 10 years now, by Burda Media Polska Sp. z o.o. – a publishing house, whose portfolio includes the leading titles of the Polish travel market and lifestyle magazines, such as, for instance: “National Geographic”, “National Geographic Traveler”, “Elle” or “Gala”.

Apart from very favorable opinions expressed by our passengers, “Kaleidoscope” has also been recognized with a number of awards. These include, inter alia, the following: Award of the Polish Association of Scientific Journalists (2011), 1st place in the Agape Corporate Bulletin Contest (2015), Column of the Year (2017), Gold Medal - Power of Content Marketing Awards (2017), Main Prize – Luxurious Brand of the Year (2018) and Main Prize in the Optimistic Company Contest (2019).

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