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publication date: April 17, 2023

Discover 6 Barcelona attractions that everyone should see!

Wondering what to see in Barcelona? The capital of Catalonia has many faces! Here you will feel both the atmosphere of a large metropolis and a seaside resort, find plenty of great bars and let yourself be charmed by the original architecture. If you want to see Barcelona in just a few days it sounds like a real challenge to choose just a few proposals from this huge palette of possibilities. Fortunately, we've done it for you! Read our article and discover Barcelona attractions that will make you feel the true spirit of the city!

What to see in Barcelona? The 6 most important attractions in Gaudi's city

1. Free Barcelona attractions - Plaça de Catalunya

Check out what to see in Barcelona for free and see how many opportunities await you in this Spanish city. When visiting Barcelona, start with the bustling, crowded and very sprawling Plaça de Catalunya. This is where the city's various arteries and thoroughfares intersect! You're sure to end up here, even if you're visiting Barcelona for just one day.

Plaça de Catalunya is a square that was built during the city's reconstruction in the 19th century and represents the grandeur typical of the period. The pompous architecture and grandeur of the construction (but also the much-talked-about name!) make Catalans repeatedly choose this very spot to manifest their separateness from the rest of Spain.




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aerial view of Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain, Barcelona attractions

Attractions of Barcelona

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2. La Rambla - the style of the southern city

Want to see all the highlights of Barcelona? If you want to know what to see in Barcelona head south and, walking towards the sea, go to the artistic boulevard La Rambla. This is the most famous street not only in Barcelona, but in all of Spain!

La Rambla is best known for the trees that line the avenue and provide pleasant shade - even on the hottest days. If you are feeling tired, you can sit down for a while in one of the local cafes or look in any of the boutiques. The choice is really quite large! The boulevard is surrounded by the monuments of Barcelona, which are breathtaking!

view of La Rambla in Barcelona, Spain, what to see in Barcelona

You'll also meet plenty of street artists, jugglers or traders on La Rambla, and the ever-present cacophony and fever of colors will make you experience the hot south in a nutshell in an instant. When considering what to see in Barcelona in 2 days, consider La Rambla and discover its unique charm.

P.S. Don't give up halfway through! At the end of the street, a rather substantial statue of Christopher Columbus awaits you. Take a moment to see it - after all, this is where he set out from to discover new lands!


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3. The most important monuments of Barcelona - Barri Gòtic

Barcelona's greatest attractions are not just squares and streets, but entire neighborhoods! One of them you will find east of La Rambla. The Medieval Gothic Quarter (for it is the one in question) will make you momentarily immerse yourself in a completely different world. Barcelona is a city abundant with monuments and here they are in abundance!

Townhouses, street in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, Spain, Barcelona's most important sights

The Gothic Quarter is the medieval center of the Old Town and your absolute must-see when visiting Barcelona! This is where you will find the most important monuments of Barcelona. Unlike the rest of the city, the Gothic Quarter is a veritable maze of narrow, cobblestone streets with a unique atmosphere. Time and again you'll come across a stately square or a marvel of Gothic architecture here - and certainly when you don't expect it! The Gothic Quarter is certainly an architectural showcase of what you can see in Barcelona.

P.S. The greatest treasures of the Gothic Quarter are the mighty St. Eulalia Cathedral and the Pati Dels Tarongers courtyard complex.

4. The center of Barcelona - Eixample attractions

We've probably already listed everything you need to see in Barcelona except.... Eixample. While the name itself probably doesn't give much away, you definitely know what it's about!

The Eixample is Barcelona's downtown and an amazing urban and aesthetic experience! The downtown district was built from the middle of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century, and its plan (in an amazing way) was divided in a grid. Every square here is almost the same size.

If you're having a hard time imagining it, take a look at the photo below! Doesn't it look amazing?

Aerial view of Barcelona and the Sagrada Familia church

Since the district is quite extensive, be prepared for a long walk. If you like frequent breaks, don't worry - there will be no shortage of places to take a break! In Eixample, you'll find a local pub or bar with drinks and tapas at every turn. It's worth taking a look at the Eixample if you're wondering what to see in Barcelona in 3 days - this trip will take a lot of time, but it's definitely worth it!


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5. Gaudi's lines, or places worth seeing in Barcelona

What else is there to see in Barcelona? Barcelona's most recognizable attractions came from the hand of architect Antonio Gaudi. If you want to experience his artistry, see the Casa Mia building with its wavy facade or the architectural symbol of the city, the Sagrada Familia temple. Did you know it was never completed? Gaudi's works are the greatest attractions not only of Barcelona, but of all Spain!

If the unconventional Catalan has convinced you of its style - take a look at Park Güell as well. This vast garden with various architectural realizations is located on a hill. This means that visiting it also guarantees you a spectacular view of the entire city! It's the perfect Barcelona experience in a nutshell.

Barcelona panorama from Guell Park, what to see in Barcelona

A visit to Park Guell

Discover the magical side of Gaudí's garden!

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6. Attractions of Barcelona - Catalan EXPO

The late 1920s were marked by Barcelona's preparations for the EXPO World Exposition. It was the second such event to be held in the city.

The most beautiful part of the Fira de Barcelona fairgrounds is now the famous Magic Fountain and the striking Palau Nacional (located on the Montjuïc hill visible in the background), which houses the headquarters of the National Museum of Catalan Art. This is one of the less-appreciated artworks, and not worth forgetting when planning what to see in and around Barcelona!

La Font Magica, or the magical fountain, illuminated at dusk with the city of Barcelona in the background. Catalonia, Spain, Barcelona attractions
Spanish children playing soccer on the streets of Barcelona wearing FC Barcelona jerseys, Spain

6 ideas for attractive vacations with children in Barcelona

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