Paris for two. How to spend a romantic weekend in the city of lovers

Notre-Dame in Paris

A weekend in Paris spent with your loved one seems like the deepest dreams come true. Quite understandable, for decades romantic novels and films have depicted the capital of France as… the capital of love. Charming streets, beautiful historic monuments, mood and atmosphere of mystery - a weekend spent in Paris together is good for any couple!

Romantic dinner with the Notre Dame Cathedral in the background

Fresh and crunchy baguette, Camembert cheese, grapes and white wine - a dinnermenu for a Parisian date is ready! Buy the necessary products, take a woollen blanket and go to the boulevards on St. Louis Islands. It is going to be crowded, for Parisians love spending their afternoons and evenings there, but with a bit of luck you should find a free spot on the western side. Sit down, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy the classic delicacies while admiring the view of the Notre Dame Cathedral. The food might be simple, but you are going to remember its taste for a long time!

Romantic shopping on the bank of the Seine

Spending a weekend in Paris, you must do… romantic shopping! In the city of lovers, even ordinary time will be full of romantic experiences. Especially if you have a walk down the boulevards on the northern bank of the Seine, i.e. opposite the two islands. There are tens of small stalls which sell old books, paintings and various antiquities. It is therefore an ideal place to buy each other something unique that will bring back the memories of your time in the capital of love after you come back home. Later on, you can delve into the Latin District with its atmospheric antique bookshops. There are also plenty of charming cafés and small bars there, in which you can stop for a cup of coffee, a drink or a delicious snack.

Bridge of Artists - in the spirit of the Parisian boheme

You can have a nice time on one of Paris' most famous bridges - the Bridge of Artists. The history of the place itself dates back to the early 19th century, but the bridge structure was built only in the 1980s. As the name suggests, the Bridge of Artists is famous for artists who come here in great numbers, set up their easels to immortalise the beautiful panorama of the city. Quite understandable, the place offer the most magnificent view of la Cité. Come here in the evening to watch how sunset transforms into dusk that envelops the city. Inspired by the romantic character of this place, many couples would hang the so-called padlocks of love on the bridge's railing, and throw the key into the river. Today, due to the excessive load on the bridge structure, the custom has been disallowed, but expressing your feelings in this sort of scenery will surely be a pleasant thing for your second half.





A bit of spice - Moulin Rouge and Place Pigalle

Parisian attractions for two may be romantic, but they may also be a bit more spicy! If you are in Montmartre, don't forget about the erotic side of the district. Start by visiting Moulin Rouge – perhaps you will be tempted to see a performance prepared by that iconic cabaret? Cancan is nowhere as good as here! Then you can have a look at Place Pigalle and the neighbouring streets which form the famous district of red lanterns with various premises of ecstasy, shops with toys for adults, and the Museum of Eroticism, which occupies five floors of a townhouse and presents the art of love from various epochs and cultures.

Montmartre off the beaten tracks

The stairs leading to the Sacre Coeur Basilica as well as the neighbouring Du Tertre Square are occupied by crowds of tourists. It is natural that everyone wants to see these iconic places, which sadly makes them overcrowded and completely unromantic. However, if take just a few steps farther into that district, you will find yourselves in a completely different world. Here is Montmartre which will show you its idyllic face with hidden vineyards and… two preserved windmills! There are much fewer people there, but many more atmospheric and stylish cafés where you can have a glass of red wine and a light French snack.

St. Martin Canal - dances, walks and discussions

Apart from classic attractions for two, you can also search for some less popular, non-tourist places in Paris. You will find fantastic atmosphere at the St. martin Canal and side streets that lead from it. The city is less formal here, less tourist-oriented, which makes it authentic. A walk along the shore of the rive is pleasant in itself, but you can also delve deeper into the city by taking part in the everyday afternoon life of Parisians. It is an ideal place to do jogging, watch a performance by an actor or a street musician, look at a painter at work, listen to a lecture or take part in a meeting with an author. Even if you don't speak French, try to find a moment to listen to the discussions held here. It's fantastic!





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