Can I have medication in my checked baggage?

ikonka leków zapakowanych w przezroczysty woreczek strunowy.

Yes, however due to the potential risk of baggage delay or loss, we recommend that you carry essential medication in your hand baggage.

Please note that temperatures in the hold are very cold, which may not be suitable for some medicines.


Which medicines can be carried in checked baggage?

Both common and prescription medicines are allowed. Medicines should be transported in their original packaging, together with a leaflet.
It is advisable to bring a doctor's certificate confirming the need to take them - especially in the case of medicines and pharmaceuticals whose entry is subject to additional restrictions and regulations of the country you are travelling to.

Medicines for which additional certificates may apply are:

  • medicines at risk of non-availability,
  • substances that are prohibited in certain countries,
  • psychotic medicines,
  • medicines in syrup form,
  • medicines in the form of injections,
  • non-prescription drugs if you are carrying several packs.

Before travelling, check where and what medicines are prohibited.


You can also use the Civil Aviation Authority's search engine to find out how to carry medicines in checked baggage.