When is it not required to request special assistance?

Cases in which it is not required to fill in a MEDIF form:

  • Blind or visually impaired persons,
  • Deaf persons,
  • Disabled passenger with intellectual or developmental disability needing assistance to/from the aircraft, at the airport or during the flight (DPNA), 
  • Elderly persons,
  • Pregnant women until the 32nd week of pregnancy,
  • Passengers with limited mobility,
  • Passengers who need to use a sleep therapy device/continuous positive airway pressure machines (CPAP) during the flight as long as there are no other health complications/problems, qualify the passenger to provide a medical certificate.
  • Passengers with a cast dressing,
  • Diabetics travelling with an insulin pump or making hypodermic injections.

You are not required to submit any medical documentation if: 

  • you are diabetic and need to make an injection during a flight or use PEN-type products;
  • you move with crutches, a stick or a walker.