Sports equipment

You can transport sports equipment free of charge if it is within the Free Baggage Allowance shown in your ticket. Remember that the allowance does not apply to bicycles, which are subject to a charge in accordance with the table below. While the limits regarding the weight and quantity of baggage must be met, it is allowed to exceed the size limit for baggage containing sports equipment. If the later is the case, the charges shown below shall apply.

Carriage of sports equipment - practical information

  • Since space for sports equipment in the baggage hold is limited and varies between different aircraft types, some items of sports equipment may not be accepted. Check the availability of the service while booking your ticket on or thereafter minimum 24 hours before departure in the Manage Booking section. Remember to specify the type, weight and dimensions of your equipment. 
  • The maximum weight of sporting equipment must not exceed 32 kg. Heavier items may be transported as CARGO only.
  • Remember if you continue your journey with another carrier, please read their baggage regulations to avoid denial of your baggage. 
  • Are you a Miles&More member and holder of a HON, SEN or Star Alliance Gold card? In addition to your baggage allowance you may take also golf and skiing equipment.
  • Equipment not listed in the table below will be treated as excess baggage and regular rates will apply.

Carriage of bicycles

  • The maximum weight and dimensions requirements must be met. The maximum weight cannot exceed 32 kg, and the maximum sum of all dimensions cannot exceed 130 x 30 x 70 [CM]. The dimensions are for a bicycle with the front wheel removed.
  • The bike should be secured with cardboard packaging, stretch foil or it should be transported in a suitcase specifically designed for bike transportation.

Failure to meet the above requirements regarding the carriage of a bicycle may result in the refusal to accept the equipment at the airport, with no refund possible.


Regular bicycle (not a moped/e-bicycle), child bicycle, unicycle

Black bicycle

Trekking equipment

Contents: a backpack, an ice pick, a pair of crampons, a pair of poles.

trekking equipment

Bowling equipment

Contents: a bowling bag, a bowling ball, a pair of shoes.

white bowling pins and black ball

Equestrian equipment

Contents: a saddle, a set of horse harness, a horse whip, a pair of riding boots, a bareback pad, a set of polo sticks.

black horse saddle on white background

Tandem bicycle

Contents: a tandem bicycle (not a moped/e-bicycle).

white tandem bike on white background

Skis/ water skis

Contents: a pair of skis, a pair of poles, a pair of boots, a helmet.

black and purple ski boots with skis and poles


Contents: a snowboard, a pair of boots, a helmet

red snowboard with purple boots

Inline skates

Contents: a pair of inline skates, a set of body protection, a helmet.

white figure skates on white background


Contetns:  a board exceeding 2 m. 

vintage surfboard with brown and orange stripes


Contents: a board, a set of body protection, a helmet

black skateboard on white background

Boogieboard/ bodyboard

Contents: a board for water sports.

yellow bodyboard on white background

Inflatable dinghy

Contents: an inflatable dinghy (no motor attached), a pair of paddles.

blue inflatable boat on white background


Contents: a kayak or a canoe (no motor attached).

yellow kayak

Diving equipment

Contents: a diving mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit and a diving vest, one empty cylinder, a lamp.

Full set of underwater diving equipment: Tank, BCD, Regulater - first and second stage and pressure gauge, mask, fins, compass, diving computer, light

Pole vault equipment

Contents: a set of vaulting poles packed in a container.

red training poles

Parachute equipment

Contents: a set of parachute equipment packed in a container.

red and blue parachute on white background

Hang glider

Contents: a hang glider with accessories packed in a container.

yellow paraglider on white background

Kitesurfing equipment

Contents: a kite, a board.

green kite for kitesurfing on white background


Contents: a board, a sail, a boom, a mast, a gear bag.

a man on a blue windsurfing board with a sail set

Surfing board

Contents: a surfing board of up to 2 m of length.

yellow surfboard on white background


Contents: a set of javelin equipment packed in a container.

green javelins on white background

Archery equipment

Contents: a bow and arrows packed in a protective case.

bow and arrows on white background

Fishing equipment

Contents: two rods, a bag or a box, a pair of fishing boots, a tackle box or a landing net.

fishing rod on white background

Golf equipment

Contents: a golf bag containing one set of golf clubs, golf balls and tees, a pair of golf shoes.

golf equipment, clubs, gloves and golf balls on white background

Hockey equipment

Contents: a hockey bag, hockey sticks, a pair of ice skates, a set of body protection, a helmet.

hockey stick on white background

Tennis/squash/badminton equipment

Contents: a set of rackets and balls packed in a thermobag.

tennis racket with yellow ball

Lithium battery powered devices- not allowed*

Not allowed: electric bike(e-bike), electric scooter, airwheel, solowheel, hoverboard, mini-segway, balance wheel.

red hoverboard on a white background

*In accordance with IATA recommendations, lithium battery powered devices are not allowed as checked or hand baggage with LOT Polish Airlines. Lithium battery powered devices include e.g. an electric bike, an electric scooter, an airwheel, a solowheel, a hoverboard, a mini-segway, a balance wheel. Please read the rules regarding the carriage of dangerous goods.

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