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Kaleidoscope는 1979년 창간한 LOT 폴란드 항공의 기내 잡지 입니다. 초창기에는 영어로 적힌 얇은 분기 잡지로 시작하여  현재는 풍부한 정보를 담은 월간지로 발전하였습니다.

Today, Kaleidoscope is bilingual, published in Polish and English especially for passengers flying LOT Polish Airlines. The magazine, which offers a neutral world view, is an important corporate communication tool and serves to build the company's image. Over recent years, 35,000 copies of each edition have been printed and distributed on board LOT Polish Airlines flights, in our agencies, both in Poland and abroad, in executive lounges and airports, and during trade and promotional fares and events all over the world.